The Nature of the Beast



Official Tour Dates Are Here!

Wednesday, May 18th Osaka Namba Hatch
Friday, May 20th Tokyo EX THEATER
Saturday, May 21st Tokyo EX THEATER
Sunday, May 22nd Tokyo Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall



It gives us enormous pleasure to announce that the 2016 Camel tour in Japan will mark the debut of keyboard maestro, Pete Jones. Recently lauded by Prog magazine as a name to watch this year for his Tiger Moth Tales project, Pete has been building a reputation as a multi-talented performer across the genres for over a decade, from the X-Factor finals to his solo appearances showcasing his own compositions with his fluid playing on keyboards, guitar, saxophone and expressive vocals.

Born in 1980, Pete lost his sight to Retinoblastoma when he was but fifteen months old. Clearly a child of remarkable ability, he was undeterred by this challenge in his young life.  Pete's musical talent became his vision and by the ripe old age of 4, he had his first piano. Says Pete: “Music has always been a huge part of my life. How much of that was influenced by my sight loss is impossible to say, but I've always had a knack of picking up music by ear pretty quickly".   In fact, Pete has an uncanny ability to play by ear and the band already sound as if they've been a unit for forty years.  Andrew, Colin and Denis are looking forward to upcoming rehearsals with Pete and then hitting the road as a fighting fit four-piece band in Japan this coming May.  Who knows what may come after? The one thing we know for certain is that Camel fans all over the world will welcome Pete Jones with open arms for which their ears will be be richly rewarded.

For more info on Pete click on the link above or you can enjoy Pete performing You Tube